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Jersey's offense ignites after 8 minutes to defeat Southwestern 75-45

Jan 10, 2018 7:05 PM | comments
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JERSEYVILLE - Jersey used an offensive explosion in the final three quarters to beat Southwestern 75-45 in a rival boys basketball game Tuesday at Southwestern.

Jersey was led by Kurt Hall and Nathan Goldacker with 16 points each, Blake Wittman with 15 points, A.J. Shaw with 7 and Lucas Ross with 5.

Justin Bailey scored his 1,000th point for Southwestern against Jersey on Tuesday night. He finished with 7 points. Ben Lowis had 12 points and Caden Heyen had 11 points.

Jersey head coach State Reeder said he was pleased to see such balanced scoring by his Panthers in the game.

“It took us about 8 minutes to get the engines revved up,” he said. “Our defense was sold to hold a good team to 45 points which is pretty good. It shows what a high level our defense has been playing. We have Pittsfield at home on Thursday and meet Highland Saturday in the Salem Tournament.”

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