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RiverBend Growth Association names Nautilus Fitness Center as Small Business of the Month

May 15, 2018 11:58 AM | comments
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ALTON - The RiverBend Growth Association has named Nautilus Fitness Center its Small Business of the Month for April.

The RiverBend Growth Association selects a small business to honor each month. Winners are selected based on a scoring system that awards points for the number of years in business, the number of employees, overcoming adversity and community service. For information on Nautilus Fitness Center contact them at (618) 466-9115 or visit them online at nautilusalton.com or visit them on Facebook.

Do you know a small business worthy of this honor? Nominate them by using the form on this page - http://www.growthassociation.com/page/recognitions-and-awards/.

The RiverBend Growth Association is the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization for the 12 communities known as the Riverbend. For more information about the Growth Association, please visit www.growthassociation.com or call (618) 467-2280.

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