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Riverbend Head Start celebrates over 25 champions transforming lives

Feb 12, 2018 1:54 PM | comments
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Cindy Smalley, 2018 Circle of Care Chairperson ALTON – Riverbend Head Start & Family Services will host its 25th Circle of Care Anniversary Celebration and Dinner on Thursday, May 17, 2018. Since the event’s inception, the organization has honored over 25 individuals and couples who have exemplified the champion spirit of a caring community for children and families across Madison County.

The Circle of Care Award was established in 1994 by Mary Cox, Sandy Lauschke and Nancy Ryrie. The three envisioned a way to generate support for Riverbend Head Start & Family Services by recognizing community leaders who exhibit a strong sense of service and philanthropy.

Recently, James Wing, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Riverbend Head Start, announced that Cindy Smalley, the Director of Marketing for Cope Plastics and current Head Start board member will serve as the 2018 Circle of Care Event Chairperson. While Circle remains a signature event seeking to raise funds with the help of community leaders and corporate Sponsors, this year will be somewhat different. The intent of Circle 25 is to be a transformational ceremony reflective of this year’s theme: Stepping Forward to Empower the Next Generation.

Circle 25 will serve as an opportunity to publicly highlight families positively impacted by the agency’s services and publicly admire and celebrate the significant contributions of a collective group from the past 24 years of honorees who have helped to empower and strengthen over 19,000 impoverished children and helped raise nearly $1.2 million.

In an effort to continue to build the community we wish to live in and raise our families in together, Riverbend Head Start and Family Services will launch its newly established, 30 day, Em{Power} The Futurematching gift challengecampaign on April 17th. These resources fortify the agency’s reserves and strengthen its capacity to address the areas of greatest need throughout Madison County. Individuals interested in attending the event or participating in the matching gift challenge campaign, should call: 618-463-5946 or email interests to: circle@riverbendfamilies.org. For more information about any of the six Head Start centers located in Madison County, Illinois, please visit www.riverbendfamilies.org.

Riverbend Head Start and Family Services will celebrate the past 24 years of honorees who include: Dr. Paul Pierce (1994), Rod & Jane St. Clair (1995), Essic Robinson, Dale & Carol Neudecker (1996), Judge Nicolas Byron & Josephine Beckwith (1997), Jim Goodwin and Buddy Davis (1998), Paul & Sandy Lauschke (1999), Jack & Betty Jacoby (2000), Don Miller (2001), Anna Beach & Andy Simpson (2002), Ron McMullen (2003), Steve & Mary Lou Cousley (2004), Senator William Haine (2005), Tom & Jeana Hutchinson (2006), Bill & Pat Kessler (2007), Diana Enloe (2008), Ed & Nancy Ryrie (2009), Mike & Cindy Lefferson (2010), Dr. Robert & Charlene Hamilton (2011), Ed & Patty Morrissey (2012), Bill & Vicki Schrimpf (2013), Dwight & Cheryl Werts (2014), Steve & Jane Saale (2015), Lisa Nielsen & Michael Moehn (2016) and Randy and Beth Gori (2017).

The event will be held Thursday, May 17, 2018 with a Cocktail Reception starting at 5:30 p.m. at The Commons at Lewis and Clark Community College

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